Young People And Further Education Or Not?

Young People And Further Education Or Not

In this country there are over some 60million people, and over 7million of them are pupils at various levels of schools. The one observation that fits every one of these people, is that each and every one of them are different.

Young people are guided by their parents, guardians etc. and absorb views and outlooks from all around them to shape their own characters and their own destinies.

The one thing that initially binds them is the Continue reading “Young People And Further Education Or Not?”

House Building Comes Up Short

House Building Comes Up Short

The current price of houses in the UK is at a dizzying high. The market as read by the general population would seem to be crying out for more houses to be built. Whether the government reads the situation in the same way, seems unlikely.

Perhaps high priced housing suits government aims, certainly the figures trumpeted by government for the number of new builds to be completed each year have not been delivered by builders, so perhaps builders are to blame, or perhaps there is no one body to blame, other than market forces.

The country certainly can build houses when it suits, after the First World War, even after the first flush of housing was built as “homes fit for heroes”, house building carried on Continue reading “House Building Comes Up Short”

Precautions For Online Shopping

Safe Online Shopping

The place to start, when scrutinising the outlets that you come across online, is that you go with one with a reputable pedigree.

Most retailers these days have online portals even if they are not exclusively web-based, such as John Lewis, or Sainsbury’s, as opposed to those that familiarly have, such as Amazon or Ocado.

If the retailer that you have come across is unknown to you, a few simple and brief checks can lower the possibilities of Continue reading “Precautions For Online Shopping”

Speeding In The UK


Speeding is one of if not the most common motoring offence in the UK. In the past 20 years, as more and more speed cameras, mobile vans and SPECS constant speed cameras have appeared on our roads, the amount of motorists facing prosecution has soared.

In 2013 over 1 million drivers attended speed awareness and driver improvement courses in lieu of 3 points on their licences. This is not only a staggering number of minor speeding offences, but a Continue reading “Speeding In The UK”

Mobile Design Set To Dominate Web

Mobile Phones & Tablets

As a web designer, it’s never been more important to think about how you are going to provide fully responsive, mobile friendly versions of the websites you build.

With over 50% of users now using phones and tablets to access Google, a non phone friendly website risks instantly alienating over half of Continue reading “Mobile Design Set To Dominate Web”